JackListens Survey:

Complete the Jack in the Box survey at www.jacklistens.com and receive a free coupon for a BOGO Jumbo Jack burger or Supreme Croissant good for your next visit.

Recently on a trip to Los Angeles, I decided I was going to try Jack in the Box! I have heard about it and seen plenty of commercials that have definitely persuaded me into giving them a try! I tried out the Classic Smashed Jack Combo! I mean look at it, doesn’t it look delicious?!

Everything I got during my visit was super tasty, I would absolutely recommend the Classic Smashed Jack Combo. It was an excellent value and I would definitely order again! 

When I got back to my hotel I was going through my receipts for the day and I noticed that Jack in the Box was offering a BOGO deal for taking their survey. Upon completion of their survey at www.jacklistens.com  you can redeem your coupon when you buy either a Jumbo Jack or a Supreme Croissant you will get another one FREE!

I thought heck! If the Jumbo Jack is as tasty as the Classic Smashed Jack I have to give the survey a shot!

What do I need to take the JackListens survey?

You need a valid receipt from Jack in the Box with a survey code, it needs to be used within 3 days of your visit.

How long does it take?

The survey takes about 3-5 minutes to complete.

What sort of questions do they ask?

The survey asks basic questions about your visit, they also do not require any personal information.

So what are the steps?

  1. Make a visit to your local Jack in the Box
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Open your browser and visit www.jacklistens.com 
  4. Select your language
  5. Enter your survey Code
  6. Confirm your restaurant
  7. Answer a few simple questions
  8. Take note of your code (write it on your receipt)
  9. Redeem within 7 days of completion 

Let’s do a full run down JackListens.com!

Next I will show you what everything looks like while taking the survey! 

After you go to www.jacklistens.com it should look something like this (the survey does update and change from time to time)

Click to continue or click the link below the button to continue in Espanol 

Locate your survey code, the receipts and prizes change regularly. 

Confirm the restaurant location from your visit.

Select the date, time and type of visit 

Answer all the questions and rate your experience for the visit.

Take note of your Code by writing it on your receipt, and redeem within 7 days!

Wasn’t that simple?

I’d say the Jack in the Box survey is one of the quickest surveys I’ve taken recently! I do enjoy taking surveys in my free time, and this one was quite enjoyable considering the BOGO deal you receive for taking a few minutes of your time to participate! 

I hope this little guide to taking the Jacklistens Survey has helped you decide to participate and earn yourself a tasty reward!


Jack in the Box is also offering FREE medium French Fries if you provide your mobile number and enter into their automated promotional text messages!